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Artist Profile: Romelli Design Inc.

By Katie Moser · June 8th, 2000 · Big Pig Gig
  (L-R) Patrick Thomas Romelli Sr., Thomas Romelli and Patrick Romelli Jr.
Jymi Bolden

(L-R) Patrick Thomas Romelli Sr., Thomas Romelli and Patrick Romelli Jr.

CAM Ham, one of eight pigs at the Cincinnati Art Museum, was created by ROMELLI DESIGN INC.

The pig was a collaboration of the history of the museum with the personality of Patrick Romelli Jr.'s design firm.

Romelli says his company goes beyond design: They solve problems. For 30 years, the firm, founded by Romelli's dad, has helped companies market services, products or ideas through creative alternatives to design.

One of their most visible projects is the Art Museum's new logo and corporate identity. "We feel like the city is the museum and the museum is the city," he says, "and we're very connected to that.

"We weren't allowed to do decoupage on the Art Museum pig ... so naturally we did it right away," he laughs. Romelli worked with his dad (Patrick Sr.), Thomas Romelli and Mark Wendt. Patrick Sr. did most of the illustration work.

The project has inspired his dad to do more painting, Romelli says, but the rest of his business partners are returning to their drawing boards.

No word on whether their work on CAM Ham will affect their willingness to design packaging for pork products.



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