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Squatweiler stops in for an adventurous ride

By · July 1st, 1999 · Gig of the Week

North Carolina's raucous Squatweiler honed their eclectic, energetic sound on several wonderfully dynamic and adventurous indie releases -- including the excellent, ragged and underrated All Tempo Hot Pants from '95 -- and tours with the likes of Bad Religion and Henry Rollins, who is such a fan he scribed the band's current bio/hype sheet.

There's so much going on in Squatweiler's music that it's best to hear it yourself than to listen to some fat cat music crit tell you what to think. Suffice to say, the band squeezes a Punk energy into a tight shimmering Pop sound full of power and originality. The band's latest, Horsepower (SpinART), is absolutely the group's best, brimming with memorable songs, inventive guitar licks and an adrenalized pulse that will have you hopped up and humming for days after hearing it. Though we haven't seen them in concert, here's what Rollins has to say: "They kick ass live and are INTO IT."

With Rollins Band at Bogart's on Saturday.

--M . B .



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