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Mojo Nixon

By · June 24th, 1999 · Gig of the Week

Satirical Rock & Roll singer Mojo Nixon has made quite a splash since relocating here from San Diego last year.

Besides his radio-host gigs on WEBN and WLW (he called himself "Jacor's new whore" in San Diego's Reader), Nixon has also been a strong supporter of local music, checking out bands regularly and co-hosting last year's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (pictured above). But, hey, he's also a fireball of a performer and save a few shows in Oxford (he went to college at Miami) and one at Sudsy Malone's, he's rarely put his energetic talents on full display in Cincy. This gig, his biggest in town in years, will feature his band, The Toadliquors, lots of old songs and plenty of material from the fantastic recent release, ¡Sock Ray Blue! (Shanachie). On the new album, Nixon offers plenty of the comical social criticisms he's known for, but there's also a hefty dose of well-crafted, expertly-played Folk/Blues that may surprise those who only have a limited understanding of the Moj.

At Bogart's with Big In Iowa on Thursday.

--M . B .



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