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By · May 27th, 1999 · Gig of the Week

With riffs as thick as the neck of a linebacker and an airtight rhythm section, the upstate New York band Boiler's debut for Mayhem Records, The NEW Professional, has the Hard Core groove of so-called Nu Metal.

But Boiler immediately sets themselves apart by channeling their intensity directly without ever coming across as spastic and overly dramatic. The group -- who have been played on Howard Stern's syndicated radio show and are featured on an upcoming Beavis and Butt-head video game soundtrack -- exude so much power and vigor on the disc that it's hard to imagine it's coming from just three measly players. Creative, somewhat quirky guitar work weaves in and out of the dense, powerhouse groove and the beats shift seamlessly from heavy to funky, adding a stimulating dynamic to the album that most groups strive for but rarely accomplish so successfully.

At Top Cat's on Saturday with Dandelion Death and Pagan Holiday.



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