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Mose Allison

By · May 6th, 1999 · Gig of the Week

Jazz singer and pianist Mose Allison undoubtedly has a legion of loyal fans in Cincinnati, as witnessed by his multiple appearances here over the past several months.

Further, he's most at home amidst the intimacy of The Greenwich where he'll be performing once again. Look for Allison, 71, to perform "Old Man Blues,"from his latest album. It's sort of a bookend to "Young Man Blues," which appeared on Allison's 1957 debut album. If fans are lucky, he'll do the much-covered "Parchman Farm" and his definitive version of Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son." Allison ranks with that ever-shrinking Boys' Jazz Club, including Bob Dorough -- who raised many of us on the Saturday morning Schoolhouse Rock commercial breaks -- Mark Murphy, Andy Bey and the late Joe Williams, as perennial and non-conformist Jazz stylists who coat their music with a healthy layer of the Blues.



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