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West Side Jokes Unregrettable

By Kris Royer Henninger · February 18th, 1999 · Burning Questions
  Hamilton County Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus
Hamilton County Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus

Not all of the Republican supporters who got invitations to a fund-raiser from Hamilton County Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus were amused by the mailing, which was labeled "Passport to the West Side."

The invitation poked fun at the stereotypical differences between east- and west-siders in the county by, for example, listing tips on how to speak and dress like a west-sider.

The invitation's suggested attire for the fund-raiser at Western Hills Country Club: "Business attire.

Bowling shirts optional."

A west-sider himself, Bedinghaus was reported to have said that the mailing was "solely tongue-in-cheek" and that "sometimes politicians take themselves too seriously."

But some offended west-siders who sounded off in news reports apparently didn't take it as a joke.

Based on the reaction, does Bedinghaus think he should start taking himself more seriously?

"Absolutely not," he said.

The reaction to the mailing, except for a few people, was overwhelmingly positive, he said.

"I do believe that a little bit of humor in politics is a good thing," Bedinghaus said.



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