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Writing and Reality

By Readers · July 16th, 2008 · Letters
Thanks to Margo Pierce for her cover story, "The Shadow of Addiction" (issue of July 2). As the spouse of a recovering sex addict, I'm always glad to see anything written with a bent toward reality. And I always enjoy seeing Dr. Laura Schlessinger taken to task.

Pierce's writing was timely. With the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook tragedy being played out in the media, the partners-of-sex-addicts forums all over the Internet are burning up bandwith at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, it's hard to look back and find a week where there isn't a sex drama being played out in public anymore.

While my husband was never arrested, the illusions I believed to be my reality in our 25-year marriage remain a challenge to overcome. The personal growth I've been forced into is the silver lining, I suppose. Having dealt with this reality for four years now, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is real. Believe me.

Barbara Steffens is a local therapist who wrote an amazing thesis, "The Traumatic Nature of Disclosure for Wives of Sexual Addicts," about disclosure and PTSD. Check out her work at www.bsteffens.com.

-- Anonymous, Cincinnati

Praising Kindness
Without preaching, resorting to guilt or manipulation and with a clear agenda -- spreading kindness -- Gregory Flannery has given a variety of examples of the things that we can do to make differences in the lives of those around us ("In Praise of Kindness," issue of July 9). Large or small, any contribution toward a collective attitude of empathy and compassion for our fellow beings is invaluable.

In recent years I have had a hard introduction into the ways of adulthood personally, and the current political, social and economic climate has society as a whole bitter and on edge. A kill-or-be-killed attitude seems to have been adopted by many in Cincinnati and beyond, at times including myself.

I want to thank Flannery for reminding us that, for all of the pain and tragedy we face as individuals in the 21st century, good old-fashioned kindness takes place every day. It's just not as headline-grabbing as catastrophe, so we hear about the catastrophes first.

-- Andrea Cossman acossman@yahoo.com

Truth About Milk
In "The Naked Truth About Raw Food" (Summer Renewal, issue of June 18), Chris Charlson has many positive things to say about drinking raw milk. I have a dear friend who as a young woman contacted Ungulate Fever because she drank unpasteurized milk. Because of this, she wasn't able to have children for many years and has been plagued by health issues all of her life.

Charlson does not address this concern. She also states that baby cows -- those of us raised on a farm call them calves -- die if fed pasteurized milk. I wonder how calves would fare if fed a diet of human breast milk?

-- Anonymous, Cincinnati



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