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Mooning for Old Time Radio

By Readers · July 9th, 2008 · Letters
I'm delighted to note Katie Laur's mention of Moon Mullins in the recent Living Out Loud column ("Back in the Day," issue of July 2). I well remember Moon's on-air penchant for ending a record he didn't particularly like.

Laur's recollections bring back my own fond memories of a unique character. I had the pleasure of briefly working with Moon at WPFB radio in Middletown a few eons ago. Like Leo Underhill and several others from that era, they stand out as one-of-a-kind types.

Congratulations to Laur on the International Bluegrass Music Museum induction. And thanks for stirring long-ago thoughts of a cantankerous, fun broadcaster.

-- John London, News 5

Helping Immigrants
I'm sure that Catholic Social Services does good work helping African refugees, but they are not the "only remaining local organization that helps refugees" as writer Michael D.

Altman said in "Invisible American Families" (issue of June 25).

Another group that does similar work is the International Center of Greater Cincinnati, which provides important advice to French-speaking Africans in the Cincinnati area. They've recently moved to 542 Findlay St. and can be reached at 513-621-0284 or on the Web at www.icgcincy.org.

I recently assisted them in helping a young man from Mali who had been seriously injured at work two years ago at a local mattress factory and who is having trouble understanding the Workers Comp system.

This system is hard enough for English-speaking Americans to understand, but this young worker from West Africa speaks little English and has struggled to communicate with his doctors and lawyer.

Such an example is precisely why more of us need to get involved in helping recent immigrants with their various needs. It wasn't so long ago that my father's father was a struggling baker from Germany trying to figure out how to survive in North America.

-- Thurman Wenzl, Hyde Park



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