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Rumors, Lies and General Misunderstandings

By Mike Breen · July 2nd, 2008 · Spill It


· Roots Rock greats 500 Miles to Memphis have taken on a new side gig. After a chance run-in with 500 Miles in her home base of Austin, Tex., Country singer Kasey Musgraves has teamed with the group for live shows (so far, they've opened for the likes of Trace Adkins and Miranda Lambert, Musgraves' occasional songwriting partner) and recording. Musgraves was recently named Female Vocalist of the Year at the Texas Music Awards and was a finalist on the Nashville Star TV show a few years ago.

The fruits of their collaboration will be on display this Saturday at the Southgate House in Newport. Musgraves will play with the band at 10:30 p.m., followed by a full 500 Miles set at around 11:45 p.m. Barry Smith and Hillbilly Speedball open the show at 9:30 p.m.


· If you were to make a list of the five best bands in Cincinnati's "Alternative" (or whatever we called it then) scene in the '90s and you didn't list Roundhead, you either weren't there or you have bad taste. The moody, crafty Rock band released two full-length CDs, but by the end of the decade members either moved away (bassist Jim Antonio now fronts successful Seattle PsychPop band The Purrs) or moved on to new projects, including local bands like Campfire Crush and (in)camera.

Now guitarist Steve Metz, bassist Kip Roe (who had also left town for a spell), drummer Bill Bullock and singer Dan McCabe have resurrected the band, which will make its "re-debut" this Saturday at the Northside Tavern. (Full disclosure: McCabe and Bullock are CityBeat employees ... but they're still fair game to write about because they really hate me; if anything, they'd give the scoop to Cin). The multimedia masters of johnnytwentythree open the show.

If that isn't enough incentive, the show falls at the tail-end of Northside's Rock 'N Roll Carnival (the free, outdoor music/freak fest in Hoffner Park Thursday, Friday and Saturday). And the expansion at the Northside Tavern is scheduled to be completed this week. The club's new, larger performance room is slated to debut with an after-Carnival show featuring Pearlene on Thursday.

For all things Roundhead, head to the band's new Web site at roundheadv2.com.

· Fantastic local guitarist/longtime local music veteran Chris Dunnett has decided to pursue his music career in Nashville. Dunnett released three strong solo CDs that showcased his composing and guitar playing skills in a variety of formats (from Flamenco to Classical to Rock). He was also the axe-wielder for Metal bands like Character, The Seventh Seal and, most recently, the ProgRock band Bloodseal.

Before he relocates, Dunnett will embark on something of a farewell tour, culminating with his final show in town (for now) at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center on Sunday. The 7 p.m. concert promises to feature many of the musicians Dunnett has performed with over the years. Wish him luck (and buy some CDs so he can at least afford the gas to drive there!).

For details on Chris' other shows this week, go to chrisdunnett.com.

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