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Larry Is Forever

By Readers · July 2nd, 2008 · Letters
I like most of the writers who write the Living Out Loud columns, but Larry Gross' stories make me smile and think the most. "A Good Sunday" (issue of June 25) is a keeper. I scrapbook a few things, and this column I cut out and put in my book.

Really, he wrote just a day in the life story -- but not really. He touched on life, love for a parent or child and morality. Nothing lasts forever.

-- Daniel Charles, Boone County

Private Club Values
Since Citizens for Community Values wants CityBeat to drop the "adult" category from its classified ads ("Free to Be True Americans," issue of June 25), that leads me to think they aren't adults. Certainly adults would realize that it's a matter of protected speech in this country.

Ask Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell about First Amendment issues. As long as the speech is backed by money, it's all good.

Since labeling is so important to these citizens, let's ask them to remove the "Community" from their group's name because it's misleading.

Communities encompass all elements of society, not just the ones they want. That would be called a "private club" or "social club" and would more accurately reflect their position.

-- Tim Fulton dbpubs@yahoo.com

Tired of YPs
YP this, YP that ... why does this city discriminate against anyone over 40? Everywhere I go there's an overzealous, semi-desperate YP trying to recruit me. I might be a 27 year-old professional, but I'm not Cincinnati's version of a YP.

First and most importantly, I have a job and a relationship that consume most of my time. I spend my days (and nights!) fervently committed to both, so I don't have extra hours to attend any of the way too many YP networking events to chat up others about what I'm doing.

You also won't find me sitting on YP committees. Why? Because I happen to be too busy promoting real change and working for it!

Secondly, are all these YP events and organizations really about networking? Or are they just poorly disguised opportunities for Cincinnati girls to try to land a husband while YP guys get a chance to add even more women to their Blackberrys?

Let's be real: The "professionals" at these events seem to be less interested in actually doing something positive for the world and more focused on becoming celebrities. All the photos, all the glam ... it's Ohio for Pete's sake, not The Hills. It's time for Cincinnati to focus on bringing genuine people and valuable change to the city instead of catering to self-promotional young people trying to be stars.

I appreciate CityBeat's efforts to serve a diverse audience. On behalf of any other Cincinnatians tired of the YP excess, I commend you! While I'm moving to greener pastures this summer, perhaps this city can save the rest of the non-YP population before they too are driven away.

-- Tasha C. Ring, Oakley



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