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Missing Author and Book

By Readers · June 11th, 2008 · Letters
I read from top to toe Larry Gross column on D.B. Wells (¨Her Anonymous Life, issue of June 4) with much interest, mainly because I ordered her novel through Amazon several weeks ago. Now I know why it hasnt been received or charged on my credit card!

The book publisher should have the Web site remove the promotion of the book.

I hope Gross does at some point get back in touch with Wells. I would really like to know what happened to her novel. It sounded interesting.

-- Allison Kelly, Boone County

Helping Her Stay Anonymous?
The D.B.

Wells column, "Her Anonymous Life" (issue of June 4) was a very good read, but I have one question for Larry Gross: At the end of the column he states that he still has respect for Wells and her anonymous life. I don't want to cast doubt on that, but does he think writing a column on her is going to help that kind of life?

If anything, Gross has sparked more interest in somebody maybe wanting to find her.

-- Marcia Over, Clifton Heights

Absorbing Rain
I loved the article "Going Green With Mother Nature" (CityLiving, issue of May 14). I just wanted to clarify one crucial point: Raingardens absorb up to a one inch of rainfall, not an inch of rainfall per hour. I think the reporter misunderstood what I was saying.

I don't want readers to have the wrong concept. Most rainfalls in this area are only one inch or less.

-- Leslie Cohen Program Manager Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities



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