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I Get It

By Readers · June 4th, 2008 · Letters
Wow, someone besides me gets it ("The Reds Need More Hitters Like Dunn, Not Fewer," issue of May 28). Thanks, and go Dunner!

-- Jeff Burris Cincinnati

Stay Away From the Con
I got my degree at UC, but now I'm back home in Boston working. A friend I made in Cincinnati always sends me Larry Gross' Living Out Loud column linked to e-mails, and the last one about Henry the con artist ("The Problem I Have With Henry," issue of May 21) had me rolling on the floor! Yes, I love going to bars, and I think that's why my friend sends me Gross' stuff.

Anyway, I have a suggestion: It's been more than a few years since a sitcom has been centered around a bar (Cheers!).

Why doesn't Gross write a sitcom pilot around Madonna's? So many great characters are there. This has got to be an entertaining place.

I plan on visiting Cincinnati this summer, and one of my first spots will be Madonna's. Stay away from the con!

-- Louis Franklin, Boston

Stay Away From Bars
You have got to be kidding! Yet another Living Out Loud column about Madonna's the bar? I could care less about the con artist Larry Gross encountered ("The Problem I Have With Henry," issue of May 21).

Here's the problem I have with Gross: He's a talented writer, but he hangs out in bars too much and drinks too much. There's a big wide world out there. Gross should explore it and share it with his readers.

-- Lori Mann, Colerain Twp.



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