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Sheriff Leis' Way or the Highway

By Readers · April 2nd, 2008 · Letters
Our ever-petulant sheriff's statement in Joe Wessels column "One for All, All for One (issue of March 26) that "you have 50 or 60 (police) chiefs in this county sitting on their thumbs" indicates all too well Simon Leis general condescension to anything or anyone not under his thumb.

I for one am fed up with the antics of this soon-to-be-retired public official. One doesn't have to go too far back to recall his personal taunts to Hamilton County Commissioner Pat DeWine regarding his other ideas for better utilization of the jail space that we already have. It seems that the general voting public agreed with DeWine and not the senile erstwhile Sheriff of Hamilton County.

As far as his recent insult to the other police chiefs, I wonder how many of those public servants employ the services of a personal aide like Lies does. Heck, I don't even think Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher has a personal aide!

Those, like me, who have served the public and have had to deal with the sheriffs patrol in our jurisdictions know all too well the one-sided nature of the relationship: "If you want the sheriffs services, this is how well provide them and at this cost. No debate, just our way of doing things."

Whether or not regional government eventually becomes a necessity or reality, I sincerely doubt that every political jurisdiction will bow down to the sheriff department's alleged omnipotence.

The sheriff has his share of professional and personal skeletons in his closet, too. He is far from perfect.

The recent citation of one of his top deputies for operating a vehicle under the influence seems to indicate that the sheriff needs to take care of his own department first and let the other chiefs, who must be just twiddling their thumbs, maintain the safety of their taxpayers without the help of the sheriff and his cohorts.

Steve Grote, Dent

Bars Open Themselves to Trouble
Another great Best of Cincinnati issue, I must say, but Larry Gross' column is really what I'm writing about ("Cut Her Off," issue of March 26). It's more than a little disturbing.

I don't get downtown all that much, but I do get to bars. Here in Anderson and the bars I go to, bartenders know when to cut you off, and they don't mess around about it. I have to say I've been cut off a few times myself.

Just in passing, Gross says that the guy who left that woman at the bar was her ride. Did Gross do this on purpose? Did he want the reader to simply pick up on this fact?

He was very drunk, as stated in the column. Why would he be driving?

Bars in downtown or anywhere need to know they're leaving themselves wide open for a lawsuit. What if that guy got into an accident and killed somebody?

Mac Price, Anderson Twp.

They're OK If You Have Money
I work downtown, live downtown, hang out downtown. In Larry Gross' column ("Cut Her Off," issue of March 26), I know of the bar he's talking about over on Seventh Street. It's a good bar, good enough anyway, but they don't know when to cut people off.

For that matter, does any bar downtown? It seems as though if you continue to have money they don't care. When you run out of money, they can turn ugly.

This bar isn't any different than the rest. Just wanted you to know that.

Steve Waters, Downtown



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