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Cintas Committed to Safety, Honesty

By Readers · March 26th, 2008 · Letters
Kevin Osborne's article "More Hazard Warnings" (issue of March 12) disregards the decades of commitment and effort that Cintas has invested in the well-being of our 34,000 "employee partners."

Every one of our partners plays a vital role in our success, and there is nothing more important than their safety and well-being. It's a commitment we've made to our partners and their families.

That commitment is reflected in our safety program, which includes an Executive Safety Council comprised of three national safety experts, OSHA-certified safety trainers, stringent compliance processes, safe-driving programs and ergonomic workstations throughout our facilities.

These programs contribute to Cintas' safety record, which is better than comparably-sized facilities within our industry, according to government statistics.

As a company that has been lauded as "Most Admired," "Best Employer" and "Best Place to Work" by highly respected publications and as one of the largest employers in our community, we are committed to our long-standing culture of honesty and integrity in everything we do.

-- Pam Lowe

Vice President of Corporate Communications

Cintas Corp.

In his recent review of The Glass Menagerie at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company ("Shattered Glass," issue of Feb. 27), Tom McElfresh conjectured about why a performance by Artistic Director Brian Isaac Phillips was, in McElfresh's opinion, flawed. One of these conjectures appeared to impugn the artistic integrity displayed by the play's director, Drew Fracher -- first, in casting Phillips and, second, in guiding a performance by the person who had hired him.

McElfresh says, "Such was not my intent, but the words can be read to imply that. I wish to apologize to Fracher for the inadvertent insult and to CityBeat's readers for inexactitude in my remarks."



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