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Resetting the Fizz with a new CD

By Mike Breen · March 15th, 2008 · Spill It

This Saturday, Cincinnati Power Pop powerhouse Fizzgig performs at the Southgate House to celebrate the release of its latest album, Reset. Likeminded popsters Ellison and Nashville's Second Saturday open the show.

Upon first listen, you can't be blamed for hearing the album as almost one long song. A good, well-crafted song, but same-samey nonetheless. But a funny thing happened to me on the way to the second spin -- I could hum practically every chorus. By the third listen, I could sing along. I guess that's what music critics call "infectious." And what else can you ask for from a fairly straightforward Pop band?

While the brand of Pop Fizzgig creates has the sound of "now" -- they'd fit perfectly on a playlist heavy on today's Emo Pop superstars -- what makes it more tolerable than some of their peers' paint-by-numbers output is the more timeless quality of the songs themselves.

As likely (if not more) influenced by '90s Pop/Rock practitioners like Weezer and Superdrag, Fizzgig's driving sound will have a place long after Fall Out Boy goes Hip Hop or The Starting Line jumps on the seventh-wave Ska bandwagon.

The album kicks off with "Destiny," a tailor-made single. But the hooks don't let up. "S.O.S." begins with slashing, syncopated guitar riffs before giving way to the mandatory "soaring chorus," while "No One Grows Down" moves slower and pumps the yearning up, sounding like a rewired "Sweater Song" for the next generation. "Nothing" closes the album with a reflective song that has a Classic Rock vibe, thanks to the churning guitar leads.

Fizzgig has a lot going on for them industry-wise right now -- their last album received support in England from the BBC and Kerrang! And they're headed for their third visit to the U.K. soon. They're also planning to tour Japan, following the recent release of the Japanese exclusive, Perfect 13. They have the work ethic and the momentum. And now with Reset, they have the songs that could make the whole world sing. The sky's the limit. (myspace.com/fizzgig)

A Tribute to Uncle Russell
Serious local Blues, R&B and Jazz fans will remember Uncle Russell Givens, the low-end maestro who performed with local heroes like Big Joe Duskin and H-Bomb Ferguson and big-timers like Jimmy Reed and B.B. King. Givens passed away late last year and now his friends and fans have organized a tribute for Friday at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley.

The night will feature Ricky Nye, Scotty Anderson, Them Bones, Bekah Williams, G Miles and the Hitmen, Lance Boyd, former King Records sessioneers Philip Paul and Ed Connelly and many other special guests. The "new" Danny Adler Band, fronted by the renowned singer/guitarist whose Roogalator remains a cult favorite internationally, will also appear. Uncle Russell's Kinfolk, will also play.

The 7 p.m. concert also serves as a benefit for the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

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