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Last Supper

By Lora Arduser · February 20th, 2008 · The Nosh Pit

We play a game at home: What would you eat on your death bed? OK, if you know us, you know there's a bit of a morbid streak in the household ¸ but in a household with culinary limits from food allergies and diabetes, the topic is sure to come up.

It got me wondering: What would other people choose if they were lucky enough to have a little time for some final pleasures?

My husband: Everything he can't eat now.

My best friend since first grade: "A large cappuccino Moolatte from Dairy Queen. Make that two."

My step-dad: "A bag of White Castles and a bottle of scotch followed with a nice big cigar. Your mother wants pizza and red wine."

My old pizza delivery pal: "Pepper corn duck, wild rice, a sweet sauce of some kind and lots of bread because at that point who cares how much bread you eat?"

My nuttiest friends: "Scott said he wanted an 'all you can eat buffet.' He didn't care what type or where or anything, just the ability to gorge himself one last time. And me? Oysters Rockefeller, hearts of palm salad with smoked trout, super crusty grainy salty bread and endless supply of perfect cold vodka martinis, and yet we remain married."

My new colleagues with Southern roots: "Collard greens, fried chicken, field peas, candied yams, corn muffins for me! Communin' with the spirits of my ancestors! Any Cajun dish -- brings all those memories of home -- and a bottle of Opus One."

My grad school friend: "My dad's Hispanic -- from outside of Santa Fe -- so I grew up with New Mexican cooking.

My last meal would be my favorite comfort food: Christmas blue corn, chicken, cheese and onion enchiladas (the 'Christmas' refers to the combo of red and green chili), posole, tamales (the traditional New Mexican pork tamales wrapped with corn masa, wrapped in a corn husk), calabacitas (zucchini, yellow squash cooked in a casserole with green chili). To drink: a big, fat margarita (with) salt on the rim. And for dessert, a bottomless basket of sopapillas with honey butter. This is a meal that's definitely to die for!"

My friend moving to New Zealand: "Something from Ambar, preferably Chicken Makani, Lamb Rogan Josh and Malai Kofta with some garlic naan. My last meal would also include a Graeter's shake made with mocha chip ice cream and bittersweet sauce!"

One of my dearest friends: "It would definitely involve the cr#233me brélée from Hugo's."

My spiritual friend: "I would want to die having just eaten a 'sattvic' meal. Sattvic energy is selfless, detached, alive and in service to God. Sattvic foods are light, not spicy, easy to digest and alive with chi. I'd have brown rice, lightly steamed organic broccoli, carrots and bell peppers with a touch of miso, fresh cilantro and fresh basil."

My old cooking school pal: "I would just want to be surrounded by lots and lots of friends. I love nothing more than to be with friends eating great food and drinking!"

My brother and sister in law: John: lobster tacos with guacamole, beans, cheese and rice; Connie: lasagna with tons of cheese, lobster, loaf of crusty bread and two bottles of Dynamite merlot.

My 6-year-old nephew: Macaroni and cheese, Popsicle, chicken nuggets, M&Ms and orange soda.

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