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Obama for President

By John Fox · February 20th, 2008 · Editorial

You've heard it before: This is the most important presidential election in your lifetime. It's good vs. evil, hope vs. fear, the past vs. the future. It's about making the best choice for your children, the economy, the environment, the very future of democracy.

It's a matter of life and death.

Maybe you've been motivated to get involved in a political campaign, to give time or money to a candidate, to research the critical issues facing us all, to watch televised debates. Hopefully you at least voted.

And then what happened? Were you disappointed after the election? Did your candidate lose? Did your candidate win and then not follow through on his or her promises?

Did you say, "What's the use?"

Well, get ready for what's truly the most important election in your lifetime. This time they really mean it.

Ohio holds its primary election March 4 to decide its delegates to the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions. On the Democratic side, voters here (and in Texas on the same day) will help break the current stalemate between Sen.

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

CityBeat endorses Obama in the primary.

As both candidates and everyone else has pointed out, history will be made this year no matter which one is chosen to represent the party in the general election. Americans will be one step closer to electing our first woman or first African-American president.

And so this primary battle is as much about themes and character as it is about specific policy proposals. The basic difference comes down to Clinton's experience as First Lady and senator vs. Obama's freshness on the national stage.

Both Democrats favor major health care reform, getting out of Iraq as soon as possible and pushing the country toward energy independence, all of which the Republicans oppose.

You can argue over degrees of difference in their plans for the economy or for dealing with immigration, but Clinton and Obama aren't far apart on the solutions that interest progressives. So why do we favor Obama?

The federal government -- and the country in general -- needs real change now. After 20 years of Bush/Clinton/ Bush presidencies, we just can't add four more years of another Clinton.

The bitter partisanship of Bill Clinton's two terms and the current President Bush's two terms has produced little progress in this country or around the world. It's difficult to see a Hillary Clinton presidency transcending the same bitter recriminations and revenge.

Obama offers all the benefits of a fresh start and begins to energize the millions of citizens who've said "What's the use?" The day President Obama is inaugurated is the day the world changes -- and it's time. It's simply time.

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