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Back to Basics

By Janet Berg · January 30th, 2008 · The Road to Wellness
Recent memories of the holiday season have given me pause to consider the pervasive feelings that surround it -- the feelings of obligation to buy the perfect gifts even if your heart isn't in it and the expectations and pressure to create the perfect holiday scenario. I've always wondered why we need a holiday to remind us to be pleasant, grateful, appreciative and kind to those with whom we're in relationships.

As the new year moves into full swing, think about the way you live your life. Are you authentic? In other words, are you living in a way that brings peace or are you merely doing what you think others expect of you?

What if we declined to continue practices or honor obligations that were meaningless? This not only applies to obligatory holiday gifting, but to our everyday existence.

What if we gave up the need to impress others and drove a more reasonably priced vehicle and chose an affordable home rather than being house poor? What if we stopped acquiring more things that only take us deeper into debt and clutter up our space while quickly becoming obsolete? Do we still need reminding that material things do not ultimately bring us happiness?

I've found that as I've gotten older less is definitely more desirable.

I ask myself whether I really need that new whatever and if it's really important to me. I simplify my life, my practices and my living environment wherever possible. It brings peace to know that I'm not inundated with useless and senseless items.

I stay out of debt. The energy within and outside of me flows more freely, unobstructed by emotional, mental and physical clutter.

The returns on downsizing and getting your acquiring habit back to basics can be monumental. Family, friendship, nature and nurture come back to front and center. Stress eases and relaxation comes easier. Focus returns to what is truly important in life, and each day becomes more meaningful.

After all, if your heart isn't in it, what's the point?

JANET BERG is in private practice in Mason and does individual sessions andcorporate/group workshops on EFT, Reiki and more. Contact her via www.janetberg.com.



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