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Lack of Choice Isn't Good

By Readers · January 16th, 2008 · Letters
Many Hamilton County elected officials -- including Coroner, Engineer, judges, Prosecutor, Sheriff and County Commissioners -- will run unopposed in the March primary and November general election this year (Porkopolis and Editorial, issue of Jan. 9). Since the races will be on the ballot without any registered opposing candidates, Hamilton County voters will have no real opportunity to make choices on countywide offices.

This escalating trend is a serious threat to our democracy. Open, contested elections and public debate are crucial to setting policy agendas, airing differing points of view and bringing new voices into the political arena.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization seeking active involvement of citizens in government, invites the community, potential candidates, officeholders and political parties to work together to seek solutions.

-- Rina Saperstein, President League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area

Food for Thought
In response to Joe Wessels´ “Looking for Help That Helps” column (issue of Jan.

2), I grew up in Over-the-Rhine and had been eating in Washington Park since 1975. Over the last 50 years that I lived there, I saw suburban white developers interested only in pushing out the poor from Over-the-Rhine, especially poor blacks.

I still eat on Race Street when food is given out, though my family used to have sit-down picnics in Washington Park before that was banned. It´s a human right to be able to eat in public -- for example, the middle income eating outside in the Main Street entertainment district during the summer.

-- Sonny Williams, formerly homeless, Clifton

Turn That Frown Upside Down
Just a note to let Larry Gross know that his “Smile” column (issue of Jan. 2) hit the spot this morning. I´m also often told that I have a frown on my face too much of the time and, like him, don´t even know it.

I also work downtown, so I´ll be looking for Smiling Larry and I´ll be smiling right back at him!

-- Jamie Henderson,


New Writer?
In regards to the Living Out Loud column “Smile” (issue of Jan. 2), I have one question: Is Larry Gross feeling alright? It´s not like him to write something that even approaches being positive. Is this the new Larry Gross in 2008?

-- Dave Houser, White Oak

Miss the Old Writer
I like Larry Gross´ Living Out Loud columns just about all the time because of their edge. Writing a column about smiling (“Smile,” issue of Jan. 2) smacks of CinWeekly stuff.

Give me something that gets me pissed off or something that makes me think. I don´t want to think of Gross walking around downtown smiling. That´s not the writer I like or read.

-- Billy Anderson, Downtown



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