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Lost: The Complete Third Season (Buena Vista)

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By P.F. Wilson · January 9th, 2008 · Couch Potato
  Lost: The Complete Third Season
Lost: The Complete Third Season

2007, Not Rated

Watching Lost places you in a rather toxic relationship.

You know you should break it off, but you have so much time invested in it all, you just can't walk away. You've become attached to the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, and while you might have strayed, you still want to know what happens. The release of the third season set is timed not only for holiday gift-giving but also to revive interest for season four on Jan. 31. But if ABC is looking to grab eyeballs in January, they might have miscalculated. Lost, you see, lends itself very well to DVD viewing. The episodes are better enjoyed in quick succession as opposed to weekly blasts, even without repeats.

Season three opens with a six-episode mini-arc that many fans found irritating. Most of the regular cast was ignored while time was spent fleshing out the island's other inhabitants. Bothersome, yes, but ultimately a worthy exercise, as the show builds to a stunning cliffhanger. The eight hours of extras will be of interest to diehards, but you'll likely gather more intelligence watching the episodes again. Grade: A



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