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Scott Bravo: I Won't Say a Word


By Zachary Breedlove · January 2nd, 2008 · Short Takes
Tags: Seratonin

Pop in Scott Bravo's disc I Won't Say a Word and get ready. Formerly of Indie rockers Seratonin, Bravo's new solo acoustic disc is nothing shy of magical. Selling off all of his electric guitar gear four years ago after seeing Tommy Emmanuel at a bookstore might have been the best decision Bravo has made in his life.

It's obvious that Bravo is more than just another great guitar player. His sense of composition is superb and his meticulous work shines through on his new disc.

Bravo is a bit of a journeyman, and his style shows that.

Ranging from Folk to Blues to Jazz and beyond, the eclectic vibe of Bravo's songs is captivating. By varying styles and tunings, he manages to pick up the slack where most solo guitarists tend to favor a repetition that inevitably leads to boredom. The most impressive thing about the instrumental album is that nothing needs to be said. Bravo's diversity of styles and techniques pull inspiration from everywhere and that is what makes his music great.

By not limiting himself to any one style, Bravo's serenity really comes through. As he fuses together Jazz and Classical stylings and rhythm to create his own ambient sound, he's leaving audiences speechless.

By focusing only on guitar, Bravo's solo instrumental album becomes something more then just a record. It's a story without words and, in this case, words would only create a distraction from his powerful and soulful guitar. I Won't Say a Word is the best conversation you can have with anyone and you really don't need to say anything. Grade: A



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