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New Twist on the New Year Resolution

By Lora Arduser · December 19th, 2007 · The Nosh Pit
I´ve been thinking about it, and this year I´ve decided not to make a resolution. I´m done with swearing to lose 5 pounds, quit drinking or be nicer to the cranky neighbor down the street. As a change of pace I offer suggestions to restaurants for their New Year´s resolutions based on my top 10 list of dining pet peeves. You can fight amongst yourselves for who gets what.

1. Not refilling my coffee. I admit it -- I´m a caffeine addict, and believe me, there´s nothing worse than watching a server refill my companion´s soda glass only to wander away never to be seen again. It´s ill advised to toy with this vice, and the earlier in the day, the worse the slip.

2. A person coming to work sick, wiping their nose and then touching your food. I´ve got a slight Howard Hughes streak and have been known to pay for lunch and throw it away if I see these actions.

3. Restaurants that don´t provide benefits so people have to come to work sick. You know they don´t do it because it´s fun.

4. A server who doesn´t know the menu. Restaurants should require servers to taste items and quiz them on what they are eating. They aren´t just putting plates on the table after all; they´re sales people.

5. Servers touching the rims of glasses -- goes back to that Howard Hughes thing again.

6. Not being asked if I want dessert. I typically don´t order dessert being diabetic -- but crimminy, at least ask!

7. People at their tables on cell phones. I know the restaurant has little control over this, but perhaps a sign or cozy little alcove that looks like a couple of old-time phone booths.

8. No place to put a coat or umbrella. This is Cincinnati, and everyone knows the percentage of sunshine and warmth varies from about 5 to 10 percent per year if we´re lucky.

9. Mini hamburgers. I think this little menu item has seen its glory days, let´s move on. Maybe mini burritos?

10. Waiting 20 minutes for a table when I made a reservation. Maybe I won´t mind so much now though since I don´t have to give up drinking this year.

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