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He's a Lonely Old Soul

By Readers · December 12th, 2007 · Letters
(Re: "He's Always There" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog about seeing the same older man every time the writer is in a certain bar.) I find myself doing this also from time to time, looking at a lonely old soul and wondering if I'll turn into that person someday.

I kind of doubt it. Like you, I have too many friends who care about me.

-- David, posted on Dec. 11

Friends and Flowers
(Re: "No Time for Me" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog about two friends drifting apart.) This is sad, but I've always said that most friendships aren't meant to last forever. Friendships are like flowers -- they grow, blossom, flourish, then die out.

When people's lives and needs synch up, they get along fine. When they start to grow in different directions, they move on.

Very few things -- and especially very few good things -- last forever. It's a hard lesson to learn, though.

-- Political Junkie, posted on Dec. 11

Left Wing Nonsense
(Re: "Disarm the Americans" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog about the recent shootings in Nebraska and Colorado.) Meanwhile nine people were killed by the ice storm today. What's your point? Eliminating an entire civil right because some maniacs abuse it? If that were the case, no dopey liberal would ever be allowed the right of free speech again.

More left wing nonsense. There were more people killed in Europe in the last century than will ever be killed in the U.S. That's because we all own guns. Sorry to bust your Utopian bubble.

-- CaptainAmerica, posted on Dec. 10

Swiss Like Guns
(Re: "Disarm the Americans" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog about the recent shootings in Nebraska and Colorado.) The Swiss experience suggests that the widespread availability of guns is a factor in gun crime but not the only factor or even the major one.

Because Switzerland has a militia system, there are many assault rifles (fully automatic military ones, that is) and semi-automatic pistols kept in the homes of Swiss reserve soldiers.

Switzerland does have a higher rate of gun crime than do neighboring European nations with strict gun bans, but it's nowhere near the U.S. rate. Something else is at work.

-- Mark Fisher, Bexley, Ohio, posted on Dec. 10

Mentally Ill and Guns
(Re: "Disarm the Americans" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog about the recent shootings in Nebraska and Colorado.) It's a complex problem, but it is obvious to me that we have a problem in the U.S. with the wrong people getting guns.

I believe we are neglectful in our care of the mentally ill. All these shooters seem to be people that needed help but fell through the cracks.

The mental illness is one thing. The ease in which they acquire lethal weapons is another thing. I am convinced that, if any of these unstable individuals had not had guns, lives would have been spared.

It is hard to take people out in a shopping mall with a knife or any other non-lethal weapon. If the guy at the church rolled in there with a hammer and tried to hit people over the head, I don't believe he would have been very successful.

I might not have the answer, but many people act as though there is no problem. Well, there is, and it's not going to change until we stop neglecting our mentally ill and controlling the dispersal of guns so freely.

I believe that guns serve some purpose and realize it takes someone to pull the trigger, but as long as innocent people are dying we have a problem.

-- Tony, posted on Dec. 10

Nick, George and The Post
(Re: "Questions for Nick Clooney" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog.) I heard a rumor that Nick's son George was going to buy The Cincinnati Post, but I guess that was just a rumor. I for one will miss that paper. I won't read The Enquirer.

-- Maggie, posted on Dec. 8

Drop in on The Banks
(Re: "Housing at The Banks Will Be Geared to Multiple Income Levels" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog.) Well, I'm surprised the folks at CityBeat aren't demanding Section 8 housing or that the Drop-Inn Center be allowed to open up a satellite office.

-- DT-Sampler, posted on Dec. 7

Love That Old Vinyl, Dude
(Re: "R.I.P. CDs... We Hardly Knew Ye" post on CityBeat's Spill It blog about the emergence of digital music downloads.) I'm buying myself a USB turntable this Christmas. Tired of having crates of vinyl that I can't listen to.

Call me crazy or just old-fashioned (or stupid, if you like), but I love the old-old-school format. Jazz sounds perfect on vinyl, but so does all that old Punk Rock (which is mostly out of print and not available in any format) and my Neil Young On the Beach record. Plus the artwork will always remain superior to that of CD or digital download, in my opinion. And have you ever tried to sift seeds using a CD case!?

I guess when it comes to practicality, however, I am guilty of ripping my CDs to PC, storing them wherever they fit (bins, cabinets, the car) and running around town with my iPod.

Um, what were we talking about again?

-- Kip, posted on Dec. 6



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