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Hormone Spurt

By · December 5th, 2007 · Letters
(Re: "FOP Campaign Focuses on Sheriff's Patrols" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog.) Officer Don Meece's email reads like it was written by a 12-year-old boy having a spurt of hormones.

In a real city, elected leaders would have proper oversight of the police department. Too bad Greg Harris wasn't elected (to Cincinnati City Council). Now it probably won't happen for years.

-- Political Junkie, posted Dec. 4

Adjust the Color
(Re: "Remembering the Cincinnati Riots" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog.) I live in Kentucky but have friends in Cincy, black friends. I believe it when they say they are a sub-class in downtown. They have no reason to lie to me.

I guess Kentucky is considered a Southern state. Ohio, especially Cincy, is way more Southern than we are when it comes to attitudes about color.

-- Jackula, posted Dec. 4

Crack Addiction
(Re: "I Must Do Laundry" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog about not wearing underwear to work.) Please let me know what office you work in so I can come over. I would really love to see your ass-crack.

-- Hard As Nails, posted Dec. 3

Post With a Point
(Re: "I Must Do Laundry" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog about not wearing underwear to work.) To give you credit, at least this story had a point to it.

So many of yours don't.

-- Matt, posted Dec. 3

Take the Fifth
(Re: "Playhouse Considering Another Downtown Site" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog.) "The city has spent about $15 million on the canceled projects during the past seven years." I've read this sentence somewhere before. And I've commented on it somewhere before.

It's as ridiculous now as it was then. Any development the city is directly involved in stalls or wastes tons of time and money. Only when decisions are taken out of their hands does progress occur. Someone needs to take Fifth and Race out of their hands.

Maybe the resurrection of the Planning Department will help.

-- Gerard, posted Dec. 2

March Madness
(Re: "That Was the Week That Was in Blogs" post on CityBeat's Living Out Loud blog offering news about Avril-Bleh's announcing a new grocery store that will open on Court Street in the spring.) Getting a grocery store downtown is great news. The only reason I still have my car is to go get groceries. March can't come soon enough for me.

-- Jay, posted Dec. 2

Pork Spending
(Re: "Phil Flops in Clermont County" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog about Phil Heimlich's appearance before the Clermont County Republican Party Central Committee, which voted to endorse U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt in her re-election bid instead of Heimlich.) Schmidt's home county endorsed her by a wide margin … who would've thunk?

It's patently absurd for Schmidt to say that Heimlich asked her to vote for the spending bill (that included money for The Banks) because the letter Schmidt cited was written in 2006, long before the bill Schmidt was discussing was even authored. Portman and Chabot supported Banks funding as well but opposed the bill that Schmidt voted for because it was loaded with pork.

Plain and simple, Schmidt is misleading people … there's a surprise. And she claims to be a fiscal conservative while supporting blatant pork spending? Please!

It's time to knock Mean Jean out of office.

-- Anonymous, posted Nov. 30

Help the Jail Overcrowding
(Re: "You're Doing a Heckuva Job, Dohoney" post on CityBeat's Porkopolis blog about the 7 percent raise approved for Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney while city council considers cutting 92 full-time city jobs.) If you do the math on that bonus, you could send one prisoner to Butler County for almost 300 days. Milt should sponsor a perp with his newfound money.

-- Bob, posted Nov. 29



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