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Sara Mulhauser

Inside Artists' Heads

By Tamera Lenz Muente · November 28th, 2007 · Articulations
  Sara Mulhauser
Sara Mulhauser

SARA MULHAUSER continues to find time in her busy schedule as director of student services at the Art Academy of Cincinnati to make intriguing works out of fabric. Her current work, which combines fabric piecing, sewing and monoprinted stencils, is featured in the three-person exhibition Americana Redux through Dec. 22 at the Dayton Visual Arts Center. She's also part of the upcoming Yuletide 2007 exhibition at Gallery 1305 on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

Here are five things that inspire Mulhauser:


I believe that all artists are observationalists -- people who go through life looking and seeing. An observationalist does not just move from one place to the next, but actually experiences the atmosphere between the two places and relishes in it. They see, feel and experience the world differently. Observing line, shape, form, texture, color combinations and humor in a realistic and individual way is how I enjoy the world.

Shapes. Walking into work at the Art Academy from my parked car I see rows and rows of windows or squares on a picture plane, carvings and scrolls on three-dimensional objects and patterns on freshly cemented curbs. All around us, shapes interact with other shapes.

Aerial perspective. Looking from above flattens space and frames lines and shapes with the contrast between rich dark asphalt roads and green grass. My recent body of work, for instance, was inspired by aerial photography of the 22 tracks in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series on television.

Textures and layers. Embossing, corduroy, thickness, softness and other textures create a third dimension within a two-dimensional atmosphere. Layering negative and positive space and transparent parts of an object lends a sense of history, intrigue and dimension to a work of art.

Boldness. I cherish it in my artwork, my opinions and my friends. I strive to speak with confidence and encourage others to do so as well.

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