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Improve Your Entire Being with Chiropractic

By MATTHEW KAYS · October 10th, 2007 · The Road to Wellness
Many people approach and enter our practice with specific nerve, muscle and skeletal complaints. Sometimes their problems are acute or chronic back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder or wrist issues. Others come to us with a greater intent: mind and body wellness.

Chiropractic originated more than a century ago with the first patient having his hearing restored through an adjustment of his spine. While at the time it wasn't well understood, it became clear that reducing interference of the signals that travel along the nervous system allowed healing to occur.

Between 1895 and the early 1960s, the majority of chiropractic patients were seeking care for general well-being and overall health. It wasn't until the '70s and '80s that chiropractic became synonymous with mending back and neck problems. Today the savvier healthcare consumer knows that the better your nerve system functions the better your overall health will be.

When receiving a specific chiropractic adjustment, there is a direct improvement of the alignment and movement of the joints involved. Also, and perhaps even more importantly, there are the renewed nerve signal patterns. It's through nerve signals that the mind and body talk to each other, and this is how health and regulation of the entire being is achieved.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a poor phone connection while someone on the other end is trying to give you driving directions? Can you remember how awful it was to try to get where you needed to go? That's similar to the type of miscommunication that takes place when your spine is in poor alignment.

This breakdown cycle is termed "Vertebral Subluxation Complex." A good chiropractic technique can measure these interferences in the communication between the mind and body and can be custom-tailored to your needs and goals.

Just as having a good medical doctor, personal trainer, life coach and massage therapist can be essential to your wellness team, having a great chiropractor can help coordinate your wellness program and facilitate proper nerve signal flow.

Since chiropractic can positively affect the master control system of the body that connects the mind and body, it can be an essential piece of the puzzle where well-being, quality of life and longevity are desired.

MATTHEW KAYS is a wellness-oriented holistic chiropractor in Montgomery serving people who are interested in developing higher degrees of health and well-being. Contact him via his Web site, www.advchiro.us.


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