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Let's Get Moving

By linda leigh · August 29th, 2007 · The Road to Wellness
I recently attended the Senior Olympics in Louisville to watch the cycling competition. While there, I was amazed to see 80- and 90-year-olds racing and competing with 50-year-olds! Their energy was admirable.

During the week I had a chance to speak with many of them. When asked how they kept in such great shape, the answer was unanimous: Keep moving.

There's a fluidity -- a natural movement -- apparent in nature. We are nature. There's no separation between us and nature.

All living beings strive to live in balance with their environment. We are at our best when everything is flowing smoothly with a good movement of clear, vibrant energy.

Think about how much easier your life is when everything falls into place, when one good thing seems to connect you to another. Then think about how stressful life is when you encounter rigidity, when people are uncooperative, fixed and unmoving.

Of course you can't change others, but you can keep your life and energy moving in a positive motion, flowing like a river, bending like a tree.

Stagnant energy can build up both in the physical world and in our bodies. It's easy to clear negative, dormant energy from your home or work space.

Clearing your space brings about the maximum potential good energy and creates peace and harmony in your living areas. Feng Shui works alongside color therapy, working with the Chi (or life energy) in your immediate atmosphere. Specific colors trigger different emotions.

Much like stagnant energy builds up in our environment, our bodies' energy centers, or chakras, can easily get clogged and out of alignment due to daily stresses or illness. The chakras might be unfamiliar at first, but if you break it down into everyday lingo we all have referred to our chakras at some point: The saying "at a loss for words" relates to the throat chakra; a feeling in the pit of your stomach relates to the solar plexus chakra; and "having a broken heart" relates to your heart chakra.

Feeling those feelings means that the energy is blocked in that area of your body. Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit, so you can imagine your energy spinning like a wheel in perfect balance and harmony.

Practices such as yoga, massage and reiki can help keep the energy flowing within you. You use movement to clean up messes at home. The same applies to "dirty" energy that's accumulated within us.

Eliminate the "messes" in your life, and start feeling positive energy working within your body. You just have to move.

LINDA LEIGH is a master Reiki practitioner at Intuitive Touch located in the ProScan building at 5400 Kennedy Ave. Contact her 513-478-4836 or www.it-massage.com.


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