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Music: Nashville Pussy

By Brian Baker · August 13th, 2014 ·
soundadvice_nashville pussy_photo_providedNashville Pussy - Photo: Provided
There can’t be too many people in Rock’s vast audience who are scratching their heads and wondering why Nashville Pussy isn’t a household name. 

Let’s face it, Nashville Pussy has Rock & Roll cred to burn and plays harder than a coke boner. Blaine Cartwright sings with the my-fist/your-face passion of a hillbilly Alice Cooper, while his wife, Ruyter Suys, plays lead guitar with a scorching intensity that would shrivel One Direction’s balls in a microwaved second.

Throw in the Thor’s-hammer drumming of Jeremy Thompson and the rotating bass thunder of the leather-chick-du-jour (currently Bonnie Buitrago) and you’ve got a recipe for Motörhead-inspired mayhem that has remained stubbornly underground.

It’s not like Nashville Pussy has been low profile. Forming in Atlanta, Ga., in 1996, the quartet scored a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance with “Fried Chicken and Coffee” from its 1998 debut, Let Them Eat Pussy. How did they read that off the teleprompter? Did it get bleeped? CNN wouldn’t even run the band’s name in their list of nominees, opting for “P----.” Pussies. 

Nashville Pussy plays Southgate House Revival Thursday, Aug. 14. Tickets/more info here.


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