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Film: The Room 11th Anniversary

By Jac Kern · July 22nd, 2014 · CityBeat Recommends
Bad movies suck. Movies so bad they’re good, however, can gain a cult following — like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. If you love guilty pleasure flicks or the phrase “Oh hi, Mark” means anything to you, you’ll want to celebrate the 11th anniversary of cinematic masterpiece The Room this weekend at the Esquire.

Complete with cheesy acting, over-dramatized sex scenes and the most unintentionally hilarious man to ever grace the big screen, The Room is truly the best of the worst. Denton Affair, host of Rocky Horror nights, will lead an interactive film experience and live-riff the movie. 

Seats are limited. 11 p.m. Saturday. $9.75; $7.50 student; $7 child/senior. Esquire Theatre, 320 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, esquiretheatre.com.


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