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‘Nathan For You’ and the Sacha Baron Cohen Dilemma

By Jac Kern · July 2nd, 2014 · Television
nathan fielder_ianwhiteNathan Fielder - Ian White

Prank shows are nothing new. Candid Camera spanned seven decades, Punk’d targeted celebs and now even Betty White has a prank show for old people called Off Their Rockers. Nathan For You (10:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Comedy Central) is pegged as a prank show or parody of the dime-a-dozen business-rescue programs on today, but it’s actually much more. Aside from offering terrible advice to local businesses — to comedic results — Nathan Fielder offers sometimes-silly, often-hilarious commentary on so many facets of contemporary American culture, keeping perfect deadpan all the while.

Season One debuted quietly in 2013 — few Americans were familiar with the Canadian comic, so he flew under the radar for the most part. But as his “pranks” gain more attention, there is concern that the added attention could inhibit the gag.

Case in point: It seems “Dumb Starbucks” will be the “Pig Saves Goat” of Season Two. Like last year’s fabricated animal video that got mainstream viral attention before the show even premiered, Fielder made headlines earlier this year after opening a “Dumb Starbucks” that borrowed the coffee conglomerate’s name and logo under “parody laws.” Only this time, more people knew this would be part of the show. That episode airs July 29.

The show’s (and Fielder’s) rising popularity could be its Achilles’ heel — Fielder’s stunts will grow less effective as his notoriety grows. Sacha Baron Cohen will never be able to top his material from Da Ali G Show now that Borat is a household name. So it will be interesting to see how or if Fielder evolves his style — if he’s able to remove himself while still orchestrating parodies (like his funny Twitter prompts — follow @nathanfielder), he might be able to keep this going.

This week, Nathan arranges a fake movie shoot and later worries he committed fraud.


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