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Bjork: Tech Genius?

Plus, Morrissey remains awful and a P!nk impersonator faces huge lawsuit for not being P!nk enough

By Mike Breen · June 18th, 2014 · Minimum Gauge
bjork-biophilia-album-cover-art-hd-20111Bjork's 'Biophilia' album cover
HOT: Björk: Tech Super-Genius?

Most musician-affiliated smartphone apps are just mini-versions of the artists’ websites. But leave it to Björk (and a team of artists, scientists, software developers and more) to come up with something truly revolutionary. Originally released in 2011, few apps since have come close to the innovation of Biophilia, which features not only the music from Björk’s album of the same name, but also engages users’ creativity and explores various realms of science. New York’s Museum of Modern Art is acquiring it as the first app to ever become a part of the museum’s permanent collectionAnd The Guardian also reports it will be part of the curriculum of several schools in northern Europe. The app is said to be particularly useful as a learning tool for kids who have ADHD and dyslexia. Sadly, Flappy Bird’s reported return to app stores this summer should effectively erase most of the knowledge acquired.  

WARM: Morrissey is Still Just Awful

Anymore, picking on the eccentricities/assholishness of ex-Smiths singer Morrissey is like shooting fish in a barrel (or, in honor of Moz’s militant vegetarianism, let’s say, “Like passive aggressively chastising fish in an open-air nature preserve”).

But his prima-donna ways of late have shown him to be a bigger diva than Mariah Carey, Kathleen Battle and Kanye West combined. After running out of excuses for his chronic, well-documented habit of canceling shows, when the remainder of his recent U.S. dates were called off, he blamed opening act Kristeen Young (who was subsequently, probably mercifully kicked off the tour) for giving him her “horrendous cold.” Young said she simply had allergies (and has the doctor’s note to prove it). Perhaps Young should have known better than to join the tour in the first place; she was kicked off a Morrissey tour in 2007 for joking on stage that Moz was good at performing cunnilingus.  

COLD: Big P!nk Stink

After reportedly receiving $75 to play a gig fronting a P!nk tribute band, a vocalist in New York now finds herself being sued for $10 million as part of one of the most ridiculous lawsuits in the history of ridiculous lawsuits. A lawyer/drummer filed the suit claiming the singer, Collette McLafferty, ruined his dream of creating the first P!nk tribute band in Long Island after the band’s co-creator brought her in against his wishes for a small show using the group name Funhouse. UPI and the New York Post report that the lawyer/drummer felt McLafferty was a “mediocre” singer and “didn’t look the part” enough to play the Pop star. Instead of, say, starting over with a new singer or forming a Nicki Minaj cover band, the lawyer filed suit against the group, apparently because the one “bad” performance forever ruined any future chance of him realizing his “Long Island P!nk tribute band” dream, which clearly would have netted him at least $10 million.



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