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Streaming Series For Your Binge-Watch List

By Jac Kern · June 11th, 2014 · Television

With Netflix’s recent premiere taking over blogs, social media and, likely, your computer or TV screen, Orange Is the New Black just might mean streaming is the new TV. And while traditional television isn’t going away any time soon, streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video have changed the game. These services can generate a larger or niche audience for original programs and, in some cases, provide a second wind for a cancelled series. Look out for these titles and more, coming to a device near you.

Hulu: Free streaming option includes current seasons of primetime shows and classic series; Hulu Plus subscription service features the same programs and more, available on most smart devices for $7.99 a month.

Rev. (Season Three Premiere, Sunday) – Hulu has become the home to a few British series (Misfits being my favorite). This one looks at the life of a vicar — a priest in the Church of England — as he adjusts to urban life after being relocated from a quiet rural parish to the inner city of Hackney, London.

The Hotwives of Orlando (Series Premiere, July 15) – An almost too-obvious dig at the Bravo franchise, this faux-ality show boasts a killer lineup of comediennes including Kristen Schaal, Casey Wilson and Angela Kinsey. Paul Scheer portrays a poor gal’s Andy Cohen.

Amazon: Instant Video typically charges per episode, season or movie, which customers can rent or buy; Amazon Prime gives unlimited access to content on smart devices plus free two-day shipping on Amazon purchases for $99 a year.

Ripper Street (Season Three Premiere, late 2014) – This BBC drama about a poor town shaken by the Jack the Ripper murders of the late 19th century was cut after two seasons. Ripper gets new life on Amazon.

Alpha House (Season Two in production) – Amazon’s first original series follows four U.S.

senators (based on real Washington politicians) living together in D.C. Season One of the comedy is now available, with a second on its way.

Netflix: Offers more titles but is not updated as quickly as Hulu or Amazon (which offer next-day episodes for many series). Streaming plans run $7.99-$11.99.

The Killing (Season Four Premiere, Aug. 1) – After being cancelled by AMC (twice), the series is saved again as its fourth and final season moves to the streaming platform. The crime drama comes to a close — for real this time — in a short, six-episode arc.

BoJack Horseman (Series Premiere, Aug. 22) – This raunchy animated series about a washed-up ’90s horse-actor and former star of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award-winning sitcom Horsin’ Around features the vocal stylings of Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Amy Sedaris.


Guys Choice 2014 (9 p.m., Spike) – Spike TV’s eighth annual tribute to all things dude features categories like Hottest Emma (Watson vs. Stone), Biggest Ass Kicker (Norman Reedus) and Guycon (Johnny Knoxville). Matthew McConaughey will be honored with his highest achievement yet — Guy of the Year.

The Soup (10 p.m., E!) – Joel McHale goes live for all Soups this month. Special guest and Muppet, Pepe the King Pawn, stops by.


Vice (Season Finale, 11 p.m., HBO) – The surveillance takeover of crime-addled Camden, N.J., and the future of policing; revisiting Darfur after the Sudanese region has lost the international spotlight, despite still being governed by genocidal President Omar al-Bashir.


Game of Thrones (Season Finale, 9 p.m., HBO) – Thank the old gods and the new that we get 75 minutes for what’s promised to be an action-packed finale. Jon Snow faces Mance Rayder; Arya and The Hound’s relationship comes to a head; Tyrion’s fate hangs in the balance. And it has been a while since we’ve seen those pesky white walkers, hasn’t it?

Halt and Catch Fire (10 p.m., AMC) – Joe and Bosworth seek investments to create a fast, affordable and portable computer while Cameron and Gordon are tasked with the challenges of making it a reality.


Louie (Season Finale, 10 p.m., FX) – This stellar fourth season winds down, picking things back up with Pamela for the conclusion of that story arc.

Fargo (Series Finale, 10 p.m., FX) – A week of finales is capped off with this bloody ending. Molly takes charge; Gus follows his gut; Lester takes a situation into his own hands; Malvo sets his sights on a new target.

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