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Slowing Down for Self-Awareness

By kim pham · August 15th, 2007 · The Road to Wellness
Getting a handle on things makes a real difference in the quality of life that you have. Often we're going at Mach 5 and can't even hear ourselves think.

Being aware of what we think and feel is important. What we think and what we feel really do matter.

So many times we unknowingly hide or disregard our thoughts and emotions. Since they're not tangible items, we believe that they don't count. It's actually the opposite. What happens inside is more important than how things look on the outside.

We all know someone who seems perfect on paper, but once you get to know them they're not what they seem. Suddenly, their perfect life -- adorned with all of their material possessions -- isn't what really exists.

In this case, "being" is more important than "having." Creating the life you want begins inside of you by raising your level of consciousness.

Raising consciousness means being more aware of your thoughts and how they affect the way you feel.

We're often ruled by a negative emotion that's occurred in the past. Instead, we need to be aware of the emotion, recognize it in the moment and label it as "from the past."

The more you can catch yourself in the moment thinking of the past, the more you'll be able to recognize that it's just not relevant to where you are now and the more empowered you'll be in making a conscious choice to leave the past behind.

Often, the only way to be more aware of our thoughts and their origins is to slow down. Rushing from place to place, hurrying to get more done and pushing ourselves past our limits only serves to distract us from listening to ourselves.

Once we begin to listen to our thoughts and feelings we become more conscious of our behaviors, our attitudes and our responses to the people around us.

Take stock of what thoughts walk beside you during the day, and then you can decide what you like and what you don't like.

Being aware of your thoughts and feelings allows you to pick and choose which responses you would like to keep and which you could do without. This allows you to get your arms around how you live your life and make it what you want it to be.

KIM PAHM is a licensed massage therapist, founder of Intuitive Touch located in the ProScan building at 5400 Kennedy Ave. Contact her at 513-230-0489 or www.it-massage.com.


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