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Yvette with Sleigh Bells

Tuesday • Bogart’s

By Reyan Ali · June 10th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_yvette_photo_enter_godmodeYvette - Photo: Enter Godmode

Yvette is one of those bands whose music, at its best, sounds like something going really, really wrong. The Brooklyn, N.Y., team of vocalist/guitarist Noah Kardos-Fein and drummer Dale Eisinger generate wild, anxious, Industrial-skewing Noise Punk that constantly thunders, squirms or drones. Unforgiving, metallic-sounding sharp edges protrude from all over Process, Yvette’s recent debut album, threatening to really do some damage if you decide to crank the volume up too high. 

On Facebook, the band identifies as six genres — one of which is the very appropriate-sounding “Scrape.” 

“(The music) comes from a place that I don’t get to access too much outside of the band — it’s physical, brutal, terrifying and sometimes painful,” Kardos-Fein remarked in 2011 during an interview with earbuddy.net.

“A lot of it comes from a fascination with the end of the world and a desire to express, or deal with, that kind of curiosity in music.”

While Yvette’s instrumentals bring to mind the violence and intensity of HEALTH or Big Black at their crankiest, Kardos-Fein tends to sing in an amiable enough Joey Ramone-style monotone. Yet once released from his mouth, that voice is run through some kind of cosmic meat grinder, getting shredded, dehumanized and left to drift through space. It’s not pretty, but it’s very compelling.
YVETTE and SLEIGH BELLS play Bogarts at 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 17. Tickets/more info here.


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