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Finding Romance with Self

By Gregory Flannery · August 15th, 2007 · Porkopolis
  Pure Romance President Chris Cicchinelli
Joe Lamb

Pure Romance President Chris Cicchinelli

Pure Romance is getting into bed with Self magazine. The match made in heaven was made public Aug. 9 at the Duke Energy Center. In a ballroom filled with 2,000 women wearing enough pink fabric to reupholster half the furniture downtown, Pure Romance President Chris Cicchinelli and Self Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger announced their partnership.

"The message of the magazine is, 'Whatever you're trying to work on, we're there to help you,' " Danziger said. "Self empowers women through taking are of themselves, taking time for themselves and being the person who is charge of their own life, planning where they want to go next. A healthy love life, sex life, is part of being healthy all around. When we cover the sex topics on our cover, it's really different than other magazines do. Other magazines will say, '85 Ways to Please Your Man in Bed.' We won't worry about him. He's there, he's happy -- it's that simple. We talk to women about what's going on their heads so they can feel good about what's going on in bed."

That's exactly what Cicchinelli likes to hear.

"It didn't make sense for us to do a Cosmo, a Glamour," he said. "Those are great magazines but this is our whole concept and our whole business model, taking care of women, taking care of your body. If you feel good about yourself, it's going to show through with everything, show through your personality, show through your relationship."

Pure Romance, a Cincinnati-based in-home party company, distributes a line of "heighteners, lubricants and bedroom accessories for relationship enhancement." Also referred to as "schtupperware parties," Pure Romance already recommends Self to its consultants as a source for well-researched and helpful advice. More often than not parties start out focused on fun but end with one-on-one time with the Pure Romance rep addressing individual needs.

"We're there to educate, number 1, and entertain," Cicchinelli said. "So the more knowledge, the more statistics that you can come up -- like one out of every six women has pain during intercourse -- (those) are good resources to give women."

Danziger believes what makes women happy is "a moving target" and wants to make sure her readers have access to the best resources possible. Recognizing the work of the Patty Brisben Foundation -- a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women's health, founded by Pure Romance's CEO -- Danziger believes its relationship with The Sexual Health Research Working Group at Indiana University (home of The Kinsey Institute) means the information exchange will benefit the clients of both companies.

"You're not going to say to a woman, 'Here's the news about mammography' or medicine or anything and then be casual about other advice," Danziger said, "because you can end up undermining the authority of the magazine. I think the most important thing for women is that they can determine their own lives, whether it's in bed or work or whatever they want to achieve. It all connects back to how you see yourself in your own life."

Making Friends in High Places
We remember the days when Brian Garry was rolling in pain on the ground after getting hit with a dose of police pepper spray during a peaceful protest against globalization of the economy. But these days he's moving in more dignified circles, running for Cincinnati City Council with the backing of some of the city's most respected progressive political figures.

Garry's campaign held a "Kick-Ass Kickoff" last week, hosted by Mayor Mark Mallory and joined by City Councilman David Crowley, Hamilton County Commissioners David Pepper and Todd Portune, State Sen. Eric Kearney and former Gov. John Gilligan, a member of the Cincinnati Board of Education.

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