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The David Mayfield Parade

Thursday • Southgate House Revival

By Deirdre Kaye · April 9th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_the_david_mayfield_parade_photo_jeff pagliacci davisThe David Mayfield Parade (Photo: Jeff Pagliacci)

There’s a party rolling across the country and setting up shop in various venues across the land called The David Mayfield Parade. Next stop: Newport, Ky. 

Leading the parade is none other than Kent, Ohio’s David Mayfield himself, who grew up performing in his family’s band. That life spent onstage has served Mayfield well. The performer has no qualms about getting up and cutting loose to entertain the crowd. Performing with the Parade and during his time with Bluegrass band Cadillac Sky, Mayfield’s been caught shaking his rump at his fans, hanging from rafters while “playing” guitar with his feet and letting strangers stroke his majestic beard. 

He’s not all tricks and gimmicks, though — Mayfield has serious talent.

That’s how he managed to earn the appreciation and log studio time with names like Dierks Bentley and Seth Avett (of The Avett Brothers). Mayfield and Avett’s collaboration on “Breath of Love” from Mayfield’s debut album, The David Mayfield Parade, is especially sweet, romantic … and seemingly the opposite of what you’d expect from the crazy fool on stage. His new album, Good Man Down, is darker at times but no less perfect, and still warrants plenty of ass shaking.

So, hide yo wives. Hide yo sisters. Hide yo Jack Daniels! David Mayfield is payin’ a visit.

THE DAVID MAYFIELD PARADE performs Thursday, April 10, at Southgate House Revival. Tickets/more info here.



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