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The Copyrights with Elway and The Vains

Sunday • Southgate House Revival

By Brian Baker · March 4th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_thecopyrights_robman94The Copyrights (Photo: Robman94)

Fans of Cincinnati’s Dopamines are certainly familiar with The Copyrights; the two bands shared a split 7-inch in 2009, the great Songs About Fucking Up (with cover art that parodied/tributed Big Black’s Songs About Fucking album). Fans of bracing Punk/Pop in general are equally tuned in to the Carbondale, Ill., quartet’s engaging blend of adrenalized head-jerk Punk and hypermelodic Pop, the resulting hybrid played at cop-chase speeds and with a gleeful ferocity.

Since forming in Carbondale a dozen years ago as a response to the woeful lack of Punk bands in the local scene, The Copyrights have earned a potent reputation with five acclaimed studio albums, a quartet of EPs and a handful of split 7-inch singles.

Although the band’s lineup has changed almost completely in that time (only drummer Luke McNeill remains from the original foursome), The Copyrights have maintained their sonic identity through regular forays into the studio and a relentless tour schedule.

The Copyrights’ last studio album, 2011’s North Sentinel Island, featured touches of acoustic guitar and keyboards, a new wrinkle for the raucous Punk hook machine. Even with the fresh musical elements, The Copyrights have tended to stick pretty close to their chosen foundational style, investing their creative energy in writing infectious, fist-pumping Punk anthems.

THE COPYRIGHTS play Newport's Southgate House Revival on Sunday, March 9. Tickets/details here.



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