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Quadron with Mayer Hawthorne

Saturday • Madison Theater

By Jason Gargano · February 11th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_quadron_photo_epic_publicityQuadron (Photo: Epic Publicity)

Denmark has yielded a number of intriguing artists over the years, none more compelling of late than Lars von Trier, a provocative filmmaker whose latest effort, Nymphomaniac, is as graphic and emotionally caustic as its title would suggest. Yet Quadron, an Electro Soul outfit from von Trier’s hometown of Copenhagen, comes from the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, delivering sleek slow-jams with titles like “Favorite Star,” “Hey Love” and “Crush.” 

Comprised of singer Coco O and multi-instrumentalist/production guru Robin Hannibal, Quadron surfaced in 2009 via a self-titled album heavy with the kind of Jazz-inflected Pop that has emanated from bedrooms for decades.

Coco O’s voice is straightforward and smooth, drawing comparisons to everyone from Amy Winehouse to Everything But the Girl’s Tracey Thorn. Last year’s follow-up, Avalanche, refined the duo’s elegant, Soul-infused approach, garnering a host of admirers in the process (none other than Prince has given Quadron props). 

“I think a lot of Soul music in America, a lot of Soul artists, they learn how to sing or play in church,” Coco O recently told NPR. “They learn how to really, really sing, with a lot of power and a lot of phrasings. And that’s what I wanted growing up. I was so sad that I didn’t have, like, a real church where I could learn how to really sing. But I think, because I didn’t do that, I’m more sparse in my vocals. And I think that’s a Danish thing — to just have what is necessary.”

QUADRON opens for Mayer Hawthorne on Saturday, Feb. 15 at Covington's Madison Theater. Click here for more info.



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