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Love List: Robert Inhuman

By Belinda Cai · February 5th, 2014 · Love List
lustlist_robertinhuman_jfRobert Inhuman - Photo: Jesse Fox
Name: Robert Inhuman
Age: “301, going on 302”

Title: Events Organizer for SoapBox Books & Zines; singer for No Slave to Tomorrow

Hometown: Cincinnati

Why we love him: For organizing SoapBox Books & Zines’ events, helping to revive Cincinnati’s DIY calendar and bringing Deathrock to Cincinnati.

Robert Inhuman is one of the main volunteers at SoapBox Books & Zines (soapboxbooks.org) in Northside, a nonhierarchical, volunteer-run, not-for-profit infoshop that distributes alternative media to promote independent and critical thinking. He has been devoting much of his time to the organization since the beginning of May, organizing key events such as the internationally celebrated June 11 “Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners,” which focuses on prisoners who are doing long-term sentences for earth liberation convictions. This year’s event featured workshops and music to get people together to rally around the dehumanizing nature of the American prison system. 

“I’m very sympathetic to [SoapBox’s] cause,” he says. “I want there to be an established outlet and nucleus for the cataloging and gathering of radically sociopolitical ideas in Cincinnati. It’s more about helping each other and living a life that’s full of sincere joy based on resistance.” 

The next event he will help with is SoapBox’s Zine Day on Feb.

15. “We’re going to have some workshops on zines, including the history of zines and ‘how-to’ information,” he says.  

In addition to SoapBox, Inhuman helped relaunch the Cincinnati DIY Calendar, a monthly artist-designed calendar that lists events around town related to community organizing, arts, politics and music, and also provides a directory of farmers’ markets in Cincinnati. The 2014 calendar will highlight a wide array of DIY events, listing new community resources such as SoapBox.

As an eclectic jack-of-all trades, Inhuman’s involvement in his community does not end there. “The other stuff I do is Deathrock parties, held preferably at non-bar locations,” Inhuman says. “Deathrock consists of punks playing Goth music. It appeals to peoples’ fascination with depression and the macabre. It’s dark but has a little bit of a fun quality to it.” Inhuman’s own Deathrock band, No Slave to Tomorrow, will play Chameleon in Northside on Valentine’s Day.

How do you define passion? How is passion different than love? 

Passion would be the will for something that surpasses reason or doubt. Well, in my experience, love in the true sense takes a lot of hard work and energy. Passion can be beneficial in perpetuating and being a motivator to put that effort forth. Where passion is a mode of impulse, love is actually hard work. 

What do you love about Cincinnati? Describe a certain place in town that you really love.

I like that in a Midwest town, culturally and sub-culturally, nothing is automatically handed to you. Whenever things are at a cultural high, you know that it’s a real sense of accomplishment. You know you and your friends did it yourself without any substantial help. It’s not like a town that has a history of exceptional culture. There is a DIY scene. My favorite place in town is Spring Grove Cemetery in the middle of the night in summer, in warm weather. 

What is the best lesson life has taught you about love?

If you really care about someone or something, you cannot restrain it, otherwise it’s not sincere. If you do, it means you don’t fully care about that person or thing. True love should be autonomous. 

What phrase or motto do you live your life by?

If fear is the norm, love is radical. That was a slogan we used in Realicide for a long time. 



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