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Briten Up Your Weekend

By Mike Breen · July 25th, 2007 · Spill It
One of the grooviest annual "fest" shows going, the Lite Brite Indie Pop & Film Test, returns to the Southgate House this weekend for its fourth annual event. The festival -- which runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- is the brainchild of Dan McCabe, a longtime show booker/promoter in the area (and CityBeat's promo guy), who wanted to celebrate unheralded filmmakers and musical artists. Along with bigger "name" independent films, Lite Brite also showcases local filmmakers. Likewise, the fest brings in some established and up-and-coming national acts, but McCabe is sure to insert some interesting and deserving local bands into the mix.

Friday, the excellent, exuberant (yet slanted) local Indie Pop machine Pomegranates join a bill that features Saddle Creek Records' Maria Taylor and Jimmy Eat World. Pomegranates recently signed with Louisiana-based Lujo Records, home to underground sensations like Look Mexico and Baby Teeth. Saturday night, the dormant-no-more local Indie heroes of mallory join Aloha (featuring former Cincy guy, Cale Parks), The Sharp Things (see interview, page 35) and West Indian Girl. (Kentucky's Parlour Boys were supposed to be the local reps for Sunday, with headliners Dandi Wind and The High Strung, but have cancelled, according to their MySpace page.)

Ticket prices vary night to night, but your best bet is to pick up a three-day pass for $25. Shit, you'd spend that much at the Macy's Music Festival for parking alone. Tickets can be purchased through blogs.citybeat.com/spill_it.

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