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Music: Motel Beds with The Harlequins

By Mike Breen · January 15th, 2014 · CityBeat Recommends
motelMotel Beds - Photo: Misra Records

One of the leading lights of the Dayton, Ohio music scene is the hyper-melodic Pop Rock outfit Motel Beds, which has been kicking around since the early ’00s, gradually building up a stack of fawning press notices and a loyal fan base. 

By 2007, the quintet stabilized its lineup and began a prolific period that produced a trio of releases during 2009-2010, including the band’s first full-length album, Feelings. A year later, Motel Beds followed their debut LP up with their second album, Sunfried Dreams and, also in 2011, their third full-length, Tango Boys, for which Motel Beds hooked up with North Carolina-based imprint No More Fake Labels. 

Perhaps due to the large amount of material put out in a short span, coupled with the band adding more fans with each successive release, Motel Beds partnered with Dayton-based Misra Records for These Are the Days Gone By, which collects some re-mastered highlights from the group’s past few recordings.

The retrospective is an excellent representation of Motel Beds’ incredibly catchy Pop style, which shows influence from the best highly melodic Rock artists of the past 50 years (from the British Invasion to the Indie/Garage Pop of the ’90s and beyond).  

Motel Beds plays a free show at MOTR Pub on Friday, Jan. 17. Click here for more info.


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