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Man Man with Xenia Rubinos

Tuesday • Southgate House Revival

By Reyan Ali · January 15th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_man_man_photo_anti-_recordsMan Man - Photo: Anti- Records

If a band is entirely made up of musicians operating under eccentric aliases, there’s an incredibly good chance said band’s music is also eccentric and worthy of your attention. This is an odd theory, yes, but one that checks out once you consider that bands like Animal Collective, Fucked Up and GWAR all fit the bill. 

Man Man is a lesser-known but fitting addition to this class, what with the Philly five-piece sporting members nicknamed Honus Honus, Turkey Moth and Pow Pow. Since the outfit’s launch in the early 2000s, thoroughly indulging in weirdness has been its forte. 

Man Man has received a whole mess of comparisons to legendary oddities Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and Frank Zappa thanks to a mix of the band members’ self-avowed “Post-Apocalyptic” music (read: Indie Pop clusterfucks of the best kind) and Honus’ improbably rough, sandpaper-meets-rye-whiskey-style voice. 

That overarching peculiarity wasn’t dialed back on last September’s On Oni Pond. It’s a fifth album rich with soft acoustic guitars, nimble piano lines, melancholic brass work, Dance Pop-inspired beats, Soul-tinged twists and the appearance of what sounds like a xylophone.

If you somehow need more proof that this band radiates strangeness, you always have the fantastic interview quotes Honus generates, a collection that includes, “We’re not writing songs about eating yellow snow,” “If you get into bed with us, there’s going to be a relationship” and “I may be a Turkish man or a small Asian boy in Germany.”

MAN MAN performs Tuesday, Jan. 21 at Newport's Southgate House Revival. Click here for tickets and more info.



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