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In This Moment

Sunday • Bogart's

By Brian Baker · January 8th, 2014 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_in_this_moment_photo_robert_kleyIn This Moment - Photo: Robert Kley

There have been a dizzying number of changes to In This Moment’s (ITM) lineup over the past eight years — five shifts in the bass position alone — but the Metalcore quintet’s twin constants since their 2005 formation have been frontwoman Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth. Introduced by mutual friends, Brink and Howorth channeled their common musical interests into a songwriting collaboration and their first band, Dying Star. 

Almost immediately dissatisfied with their direction, the band changed their sound and name, debuting their new moniker and demos on MySpace. Through savvy internet marketing and relentless independently financed touring, ITM amassed a large, loyal fanbase which led to a deal with Century Media Records and the band’s debut album, 2007’s Beautiful Tragedy.

Early on, Brink’s vocal style wavered between her well-pitched scream and her husky and compelling singing voice; ITM’s sophomore album, 2008’s The Dream, featured an emphasis on the latter and a roaring cover of Blondie’s “Call Me,” resulting in a No.

73 debut on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart. In spring 2010, Brink was named the Hottest Chick in Metal at Revolver’s Golden God Awards; ITM’s darker and denser third album, A Star-Crossed Wasteland, debuted in Billboard’s Top 20 and the band played both the Mayhem Festival and the Music as a Weapon V tour. 

The following year saw the departure of longtime members Jeff Fabb and Blake Bunzel and a split with management, contentious events that nearly ended the band. Rather than packing it in, Brink and Howorth regrouped, filled their vacancies and crafted their best effort to date, the heavy-yet-melodic Blood, which also reached Billboard’s Top 20. 

The stage show for Blood is an incredibly complex affair, with props, costume changes and dancers, all of which was documented for a live DVD, Live at the Orpheum, included in the recent deluxe reissue of Blood. Through the struggles and setbacks, ITM has forged new and exciting approaches to its sound and live show, created its best work and proved its ability to not just survive but thrive in the face of adversity. Prepare to be wowed … and bludgeoned (in a good way).

IN THIS MOMENT performs Sunday, Jan. 12 at Bogart's with Butcher Babies and more. Click here for tickets and more details.



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