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Bettie Page Reveals All

By tt stern-enzi · December 23rd, 2013 · Movie Previews
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Sexy pin-up girl mixed with a generation’s worth of budding pop cultural awareness of social liberation, Bettie Page found herself caught up in a raging battle for the soul of America when, at heart, she was nothing more than a woman who happened to be more comfortable in her skin (and little else) than just about everyone around her.

Academy Award nominated documentarian Mark Mori (Building Bombs) not only gathers archival footage from the 1950s to illustrate and illuminate the early days of the sexual revolution, he allows Page to tell her own story along with past and present advocates like Hugh Hefner, Mamie Van Doren, Naomi Campbell, Rebecca Romijn and Perez Hilton. Now open at Esquire Theatre. (R) Not screened in time for review



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