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New Esquire Network Offers Fresh Series and Syndicated Favorites

By Jac Kern · December 4th, 2013 · Television
ac_tv_esquireknife fight_photo by brandon hickman_esquire network'Knife Fight' - Photo: Brandon Hickman/Esquire Network

In its 1933 inception, Esquire Magazine’s mission was to “become the common denominator of masculine interests — to be all things to all men.” The meaning behind this and the magazine itself have evolved over the years, effectively incorporating a television component, Esquire Network (formerly Style Network).

At face value, Esquire taking over the Style channel appears to be a major shift in focus from females to a male-dominated audience. However, the fresh, entertaining and interesting programming on Esquire is perfect for any culture vulture — man or woman.

Foodies and fashionistas, travelers and movie buffs are all catered to with Esquire’s lineup of original series. 

The Getaway follows celebs like comedians Seth and Josh Meyers and writer/director/producer Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks) around a city of their choosing. 

Like a hipster Chopped with a whiskey chaser, Knife Fight brings chefs to a packed underground kitchen for a down-and-dirty cook-off with secret ingredients. Culinary pros and foodie stars judge the dishes with host, Top Chef Season Two winner, Ilan Hall.

Other current offerings include:

How I Rock It (10 p.m. Wednesdays) – Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and entertainers give us a taste of their personal style, from clothing to cocktails. NBA player and overall Dapper Dan Baron Davis hosts.

Alternate Route (10:30 p.m. Wednesdays) – Photojournalist and blogger Matt Hranek travels the States to discover the restaurants, businesses and other hidden gems you won’t find on the front page of Yelp.

White Collar Brawlers (10 p.m.

Tuesdays) – Each week, a pair of office rivals, many of whom have never really been in a fight, train with boxing buffs for one epic face-off in the ring.

In addition to original content, the channel screens reruns of popular series like Parks and Recreation, Party Down and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. To find Esquire on your local listings, go to tv.esquire.com/channelfinder.


Modern Family (9 p.m., ABC) – Coach Cam goes overboard trying to break a football record; Phil preaches the glass-half-full mentality; Claire tries to set herself apart from her boss/dad at work.

Mob City (Series Premiere, 9 p.m., TNT) – The Walking Dead creator/former showrunner Frank Darabont again works with Jon Bernthal (TWD’s Shane) — and even Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale)! — for this 1940s cop-and-gangster drama based on real accounts.

American Horror Story: Coven (10 p.m., FX) – Cordelia and the girls plot to stop Fiona for good. Delphine and Marie Laveau’s centuries-long feud comes to a head.


Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor (8 p.m., Showtime) – Severely wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans team up with professional comedians to confront and cope with their individual experiences onstage. With the help of Lewis Black, Zach Galifianakis, B.J. Novak and Bob Saget, these vets write their own stand-up routines to perform at a popular Los Angeles comedy club.

The Sound of Music Live! (8 p.m., NBC) – Carrie Underwood takes her turn as Maria in this classic tale brought to the small screen in a live, musical event even though that’s what theater is for and it’s not the ’50s.

Project Runway All-Stars (9 p.m., Lifetime) – Project Runway’s product placement gets even more confusing as the designers dress Marge Simpson.


Homeland (9 p.m., Showtime) – Brody’s mission in Iran goes off-track when he encounters “a ghost from his past.” Abu Nazir?! 

Bonnie & Clyde (9 p.m., A&E, History and Lifetime) – This miniseries (presented, for some reason, by three networks) somehow stars Emile Hirsch as the infamous gangster alongside newcomer Holliday Grainger. The press kit for this film included an LCD screen, so they’re really banking on this one. Part Two airs Monday night.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl (10:30 p.m., HBO) – In an attempt to lock down her nomination for the Hilford Medal, Ja’mie and her family take in an African boy … from Sydney. Later, the perfect prefect party commences!


Sons of Anarchy (Season Finale 10 p.m., FX) – In the sixth season closer, Jax’s decisions leave an impact on his family and his club, setting up 2014’s final season.

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