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Music: The Melodic with Vikesh Kapoor

By Steven Rosen · November 25th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
soundadvice_themelodic_anti-recordsThe Melodic - Photo: Anti- Records
Naming a band The Melodic means you instantly have a lot to live up to. That’s no problem here — The Melodic are, indeed, beautifully melodic. And the new British Folk ensemble’s free local appearance Friday should be a delight. 

AllMusic, the online music guide, compared the group — whose wonderful first full-length, Effra Parade, came out this month — to the Incredible String Band.

Others, lured by the gently conversational vocals, have mentioned Belle and Sebastian and Bert Jansch. 

The Melodic’s original songs like “Dreams of Air” and “On My Way” have a refreshing awareness of the world and how it relates to emotions, but there’s also a political element. “Ode to Victor Jara,” for example, remembers the leftist Chilean folksinger murdered by the Pinochet regime after that country’s 1973 coup. 

Free. Friday, Nov. 29. More details at motrpub.com.


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