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Ja'mie King Is Back, You Fugly Povos

By Jac Kern · November 20th, 2013 · Television
ac_tv__jamie_bentimonyPhoto: Ben Timony

The last time audiences saw queen bee-otch Ja’mie King, the Australian high school student had just finished a term as an exchange student at — gasp! — a public school in Summer Heights High. Now she’s back on her home turf, wrapping up her senior year on-camera in Ja’mie: Private School Girl (Series Premiere, 10:30 p.m. Sunday, HBO).

Ringing with similarities to teen reality series like Laguna Beach, Ja’mie will follow the fictional Ms. King during her last weeks of high school, detailing the lives of over-privileged elite youth.

Ja’mie is just one character in creator/star Chris Lilley’s roster of all-too-real personas. The Australian comic genius has previously created, written, directed and starred in three mockumentary-style series since 2005, often portraying multiple roles, from Ja’mie (who appeared in two previous series) to African-American rapper S.mouse to twin teenage South Australian boys (and their Gran). No matter the gender, race or personality of each quirky character, Lilley commits totally, resulting in a hilarious, thought-provoking finish.

All of Lilley’s works make a point about culture through satire. Ja’mie is a caricature of girls in contemporary media — beyond rude, bitterly mean and self-centered. She makes us laugh while forcing us to ponder why television glamorizes hot messes like her.  And she teaches us some fabulous infectious Aussie slang (“quiche” means “hotter than hot;” “povo” = a poor person). 

The question remains: Is she ready for her own show? My only hesitation comes from the need for more Lilley characters — it is truly astonishing to see him transform from scene to scene — but Ja’mie is sure to entertain, so you better watch, bitches.



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