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Biblical Bruce, Bad Lyrics Sites and a Jagged Little Musical

By Mike Breen · November 13th, 2013 · Minimum Gauge
86268187fb270d1f4af374b3ef28d53bThis dude knows his Bible, apparently


Bruce and The Bible

Since Bruce Springsteen is a god in New Jersey, it’s not shocking that the state’s Rutgers University is offering a theology class based on the biblical references in The Boss’ song lyrics. Taught by an associate professor of Jewish studies (and, obviously, a huge Springsteen fan), the course examines Bible stories and themes in songs from the rocker’s entire catalog. It’s a part of a seminar series of classes limited to 20 students and, according to Rutgers’ website, has “lighter workloads.” Students who don’t get in needn’t fear; there are plenty of open spots in “The Islamic Themes of Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet 101.”

Here's an easy one:


Defending Words’ Worth

The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) recently held an online press conference to remind the public that musical copyright infringement online isn’t limited to illegal MP3s and the background of home videos on YouTube.

The NMPA said people search song lyrics on Google five million times a day, but most sites that host lyrics are not licensed through the song publishers and songwriters who own the rights. (LyricFind and musiXmatch are among the licensed and legal sites.) The NMPA announced it was filing take-down notices with the top 50 sites on the “Undesirable Lyric Website List,” which was compiled, scientifically, by David Lowery, frontman for Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven and outspoken supporter of artists’ rights (click here for a PDF file of the list). If you need a different reason to support thinning out the lyric website herd — they’re also some of the biggest computer virus carriers.


One ‘Pill’ Makes You Richer

Alanis Morissette may be opening the floodgates for an onslaught of Broadway musicals based on angsty ’90s albums with the announcement that she is turning her hit 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill, into just such a production. The story of a blossoming 20-something dealing with her inability to grasp the concept of irony and her breakup with Uncle Joey from Full House will somehow be made into a Jazz-hand-ready storyline, with Morissette teaming with some of the forces behind Green Day’s American Idiot musical. Hopefully this means Nirvana’s In Utero musical isn’t far behind (if only for the unavoidable giant dancing fetuses).

The musical will also feature new material and other Alanis tunes. Hopefully this makes the cut:



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