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Music: Play It Forward Compilation Release

By Mike Breen · October 30th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
spill_it_passion and compassion compilation_photo_provided'Passion and Compassion' compilation for Play It Forward
In 2007, upon his retirement from the local airwaves, Cincinnati radio legend Gary Burbank and several area cohorts got together to form Play It Forward, a nonprofit organization set up to raise money for musicians in times of hardship. Ever since, Play It Forward has presented various benefit events throughout the year and helped numerous area musicians through hard times. 

The concept of the organization is in its name.

Musicians, especially full-time ones, toil away in a risky occupation (no 401k, no health insurance, etc.) just to entertain us; the least we can do is lend them a hand when things get bleak.

Play It Forward raises funds through direct donations and events like benefit concerts and raffles. 

This Saturday at Covington’s Madison Theater (madisontheateronline.com), a new compilation album for Play It Forward will be released in conjunction with performances by several of the featured artists.



10.31.2013 at 02:49 Reply


Thanks for the story.  We appreciate the support.  You only got 1/3rd of our mission though!  We have grown from a reactive organization that only steps in during catastrophic unforseen circumstances to a proactive organization hellbent on growing and supporting the local music scene!!! We now have a program to get musicians health care and "medical homes" or doctors\' offices where they can get primary care taken care of in their own neighborhoods, as well as an educational seminar series that teaches musicians about the basics of business and law as it relates to their career. We want to push people forward and keep Cincinnati's cultural economy growning strong.  A vibrant music and arts scene is essential for a city to thrive and we want Cincinnati's musical future to be just as bright as its past! Please consider joining us this Saturday and support the arts (and music) as we know you love to do! As Gary Burbank would say, supporting the arts isn't just supporting those in cumberbuns and tutus!  ;-) 

Much love, 

~John Sheil

Executive Director,

Play It Forward   


11.02.2013 at 12:19 Reply

Thank you Mike and the staff at CityBeat for helping us get the word out and for your years of support for Play it Forward.