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Music: Distant Correspondent

By Brian Baker · October 29th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
soundadvice_distant_correspondent_photo_dulcie faison wilcoxDistant Correspondent - Photo: Dulcie Faison Wilcox

How can a fifth album be a debut? With David Obuchowski’s compartmentalization skills, almost anything is possible. 

Three years ago, Obuchowski relocated from New York to Colorado and struck up a friendship with Michael Lengel, which turned into an email collaboration — Obuchowski would send Lengel random guitar parts and Lengel would add bass and drums, coming up with rhythmic structures that Obuchowski had not anticipated.

In relatively short order, Obuchowski included Emily Gray from U.K.

etherealists Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia as a collaborator and Tyler Wilcox as a bassist, and the solo project (Obuchowski had written and performed all the music on the first four Distant Correspondent albums) morphed into something of an actual band. Obuchowski also enlisted the help of Indie chanteuse Edith Frost (has it really been eight years since It’s a Game?), who provided her signature vocals to Distant Correspondent’s new self-titled album.

Distant Correspondent plays Monday, Nov. 4 with Mack West and Margaret Darling at Mayday in Northside.



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